Train Our Young

Honor roll multiple times in a row, what a great feat.....

Congratulations to Demetrius W. who has achieved honor roll status at the University of Iowa multiple times. He is from the first set of our youth in this worthy cause, and one that we are so proud of. Although he has graduated from the program he still mentors and tutors some of our younger children. He is what this organization is all about and we hope to see many more follow his path.


Reach Out for Help

If you know a child that needs just a little extra one on one help feel free to let our representatives know or fill out a contact form on this website. The kids are chosen by their needs while also being assessed and sometimes referred to our partner companies that may be able to provide a service that we cannot. You are also able to leave a message at (515) 554-1590 and you will receive a call back within one business day.


Partnership Perks

We are partnered with several companies that have donated special prizes and trips for the youth. Thanks to the generosity of all involved in helping these youngsters enjoy things they may have never been privileged to see and do.

"Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders"

P.O. Box 41545 Des Moines, Iowa 50311 (515) 554-1590